welcome to prijm
we love and care the discussion's you need to have.
start a discussion on a topic or news that is important for you, see what other people are discussing on a #hashtag, that interests you the most.
discuss different with,
anonymus start a discussion anonymously to protect your privacy
hashtag welcome to the hashtag's age. prijm supports hashtag so you can raise your voice easily and be discovered
notification get notified of all activities related to you
mention mention makes it easy to get mentioned and to do mention!
follow discussion follow a discussion to notify about new replies or comments
embed you can embed a discussion or reply or any comment in your site or maybe in a blog post or in a news body
you? we need you in the growing community like us, so we can build prijm that all of us can be proud being a part of it. jump in and start exploring, theres much more...
what is prijm? what it means to the world?
fundamentally prijm is a simple discussion service.
our mission is to help you to communicate with things you care about and has impact on your everyday life. we desgined prijm to have the best of your topic, easier discussion, easier discovery and minimal design that looks great to eye.
do i need prijm?
yes, if you are curious about things, trending topics, if you need help or want to help people. if you need official help on a product you bought recently.
use a proper hashtag in your discussion so interested folks like you can discover your voice.
help your business grow
from small business to large companies are using hashtag support at prijm to help their business grow and gain users faith on them.
if you have a product or service you can use a hashtag at prijm and let your users discuss about the product, asking for help or ideas and reviews so you can reach them directly to help them.
we need to learn from you
we want to make sure that prijm has everything that you all proud of being a part of it
so we need to have conversation with you about what you wanted to see today or tomorrow, post your thoughts at #helloprijm it will take some time to reach there, but its our commitment to provide the best social experience to discuss about something.