about prijm & its mission
what prijm means to the world?

prijm.com is a simple platform where you can discuss about things you care about.
our mission is to make a social discussion platform where we have everything to have great conversations.
from knowledge sharing to current events you can discuss about anything on a hashtag!
focused on discussions

at prijm we want you to be able to focus on the discussions rather than any public entities, in a result you will end up with a great conversation.
this is one of the reason why prijm is not offering a way to follow a profile instead you can follow a discussion.
to achieve this goal we designed prijm in a way that is looks great to eye, minimalist and enrich tools and features.
from knowledge sharing to daily needs!

human being deserves a great discussion for their every steps, at prijm we welcome you to discuss on anything that you need to have a conversation.
this could be a question where people will share their knowledge or experience, this could be an advice or review on current events or anything more specific like #politics
enrich tools and features

its our goal to make sure that prijm has everything that all of us proud of being a part of it, and we are already on that mission from the beginning of our journey.
currently we are supporting anonymous discussion, #hashtags, @mentions, notification's to notify you about your activities, follow discussions, embed discussions and many more.
as we about to began we know it will take time and we are on our mission.
helping business and communities for free!

from small business to large companies are using #hashtag support at prijm to help their business grow and gain users faith on them.
if you have a product or service you can use a #hashtag or mention the company @username handle at prijm and let your users discuss about the product, asking for help or ideas and reviews so you can reach them directly to help them.