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i am facing problem to connect Laravel as django using the same port

I installed django on my pc.but i want to instal laravel also.but my localhost didn't connect.Whenever i want to connect laravel in localhost it gives error like "Laravel development server started:

[Thu Oct  5 01:41:01 2017] Failed to listen on (reason: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions."

.Please give me solution .thanks
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Hello @fuadhaque, the error being occurred due to Laravel and Django sharing the same port which is 8000. 

There is a easy fix to this problem, go to your Laravel root directory in terminal/command promt and then run use the "port" flag in the artisan command like this 

    php artisan serve --port 8080

Now you would have a message like this: 

Laravel development server started on

Now go to to open Laravel app and to open Django app!

Note: I have edited your question format

Hope it helps :)

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