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How can I explain my situation easily about dropping from Marine Corp (DEP)?

I've been in the delayed entree program for about 5 months now I signed my papers and did medical forms all that. I've been wanting to join the Corps for a bit now. i am now into looking into other paths, not (military wise) overall anymore. My parents are very very supportive on me but I feel like i am getting to the point *if it's too late to drop out* I want to go to college which the corps is also another reason why I am going in for. But I just need help with a good way or an easy way out to talk to Parents and along with my recruiter about leaving the DEPs. I have anxiety and nervous about big things. Just afraid I will be talked down about my decision or be talked about how I won't get anywhere without "the corps".
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How about "I have decided to pursue other opportunities outside of the military." or "I've Changed my mind, I do not want to join the military."
Just tell your recruiter you lied on your medical questionnaire and that you have anxiety. He'll make sure you don't take up a vacancy that a fully qualified recruit is waiting for.
You can make the decision about asking for a separation from Marine Corp DEP. You won't get a second chance with the Corps though.
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