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Can I connect a laptop motherboard to my Desktop's HDD?

I want to replace my HP Slimline desktop's current shitty motherboard with my Toshiba Satellite laptop's far superior one. i am pretty sure all the ports are the same, but would it work at all? i am not the best when it comes to tech.
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Can it be done: Yes. Can you do it successfully: No.
LOL, no. Not possible to someone without serious knowledge of computers.
Maybe. The physical dimensions are different, So you will have to wedge that motherboard inside the desktop case. Might cause a short circuit.
Also, the desktop's hard drive Windows license will not be valid to use with that laptop's motherboard. You will have to use the laptop hard disk's operating system.
So now you have converted the laptop to a desktop that needs a power cord and cannot be portable anymore. Happy?
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