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Static website only for TK 8,500 ($110) Included
  • Free Domain Name!
  • Free Web Hosting!
  • Cutting Edge Design
  • Custom Responsive Theme Design
  • Free Email Setup
  • Many More...

Do You Know Prijm Offers Delicious Web Design?

At Prijm Web Design Static Website Start From Only $190 and Dynamic Website Start from Only $350 and Custom Website Design only from $499 !

About Prijm Web Design

Prijm web design is a Bangladesh based web design company located at Dhaka, Mirpur 1. Prijm web design farm has an intellectual team which is ready to help you to keep pace with this digital age of the effective medium of web market place. A professional website can be a great outlook of your company and we are here to help you in this regard! Do you know- WEBSITE DESIGN GOT EASIER WITH PRIJM WEB DESIGN :)

Why Choose Prijm Web Design

By using the latest, responsive, appealing, cutting-edge design and technologies available prijm team will design your website in the world cheapest price and helps you to
> Save money and Time
> One Time Payment & No Maintenance Cost
> We use professional and brand new template for each website's
> We Create SEO Friendly Website Design and Content for 100% Free
> Draw more customers to your business
> Increase Total Revenue (Because our created website's will turn visitors into buyers)
> Increase your Company Trust
> We help you to reach general people
> We have a sound Payment system that let you to pay us even from your home, International payment is also been easier and secure!
> Making a 24 hour self service center for your company may be the perfect idea!
> Our interface is designed lightly with all necessary information's. So, you can compare with us before apply!

Simple Payment Method @Prijm

We have a simple and fast solution of payment for both Bangladeshi and International clients.
> All Bangladeshi Clients can pay us from there home, because we support Mobile Pay with BKash, Banking, also by negotiating.
> Currently we are using PayPal for International Payment.

Lets Introduce With Our Popular Products!

Online Employee Recruitment Board

Employee Recruitment Board is an Online Employee Recruitment Software developed by Prijm Team. This is a smart solution for companies to let their employers apply online.

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Online Customer Support

Prijm Customer Support is a smart solution for companies whose are expensing a big amount for customer support. It is a online, effective, smart and 24/7 Customer Support Solution with less efforts.

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Microblogging Software

Prijm Microblogging Software is a article publishing platform where your community will able to write and publish their voice to the world! People will able to sign-up and publish their story.

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Responsive Design for Mobile Users

We understand the importance of each visitors of your website, so we do Responsive Web Design so to make your website more user friendly!

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Latest Work

Here is some of our recent works, you may check it in our Portfolio page also for more detail.

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Static Website

    • No Banner Design
    • No Logo Design
    • Simple PHP Contact Form
    • No Custom Email ID
    • Basic CSS Effects
    • Free Web Submissions
    • No Directory Submission
    • Alexa & Site Reports
    • Basic Search Engine Optimization
    • Free Visitor Counter
    • Favicon If Possible
    • Mobile Optimized[Google]
    • 99% Secure & Protected

Dynamic Website

    • Custom Banner Design
    • Custom Logo Design
    • Customizable PHP Contact Form
    • 10 Custom Email ID
    • Advance CSS Effects
    • Free Web Submissions
    • Free Directory Submission
    • Alexa & Site Reports
    • Better Search Engine Optimization
    • Free Visitor Counter
    • Custom Favicon
    • Mobile Optimized
    • 99% Secure & Protected

Analyzed Website's by Prijm:

P-Site A Website Analyzer by PrijmPSITE is a website analyzer by Prijm. Here we analyze and store information's for a website.

Most Recent Sites:
Find More Analyzed Websites @PSite

Why a website?

So, the question is Why you should have a website? Well, do you ever dream that your thinking, your company will get a worldwide access..? Then having a website on your stuff is the must have for you. Having a website means that you have a free of cost, instant access to the world people. How they will get the access? OK, it is too easy because you have a website where you have published all those stuffs, information's you have then interested people will visit your website, they will share their thoughts with you like what they are thinking! Now you have access to them, to infinite people! Let's have an example: Suppose you decided to do something for the Helpless people near you. So, you start a non-profit organization and start working. Its surely a good step for a society and people around you also feel their self proud to help you, they used to help your organization by donating a amount and you help the helpless people through your organization. Your days was really good but not diversified! yes because while you want to introduce international people then you have faced a lot of troubles So, what to do? The solution is simple, you need a website which will introduce you, your wish and also your organization to the world. Now million people are interested to help to the helpless people through your website, and you became a common face to the world!
This is only possible by having a website for your organization. There is many more good aspects of having a website. But the quality of your website is a matter of thinking, and at Prijm Web Design House we always think about your website quality while developing your website.
Prijm is the best cheap cost web design company?
So, you was searching for the web designers who will able to design a beautiful website for you though your budget is low. But, after review some online web design companies you will have a question in your mind that how a web design company will able to develop a beautiful website for me in so cheap rate where other famous companies are taking a huge service charge. Well, you may also think about those website's quality. Yes you should think about this, because a website is a way to give your business or any other products a world wide access. So, in this case Prijm will help you like a charm! Because at Prijm Web Design Company we develop a website for you in very cheap rate, you may not think yet! And the quality of those website's will sure good, elegant and responsive!
How Prijm Web Design provide cheap cost web design?
At Prijm we are able to design your website in cheap rate than others because we have many opportunities to design a responsive website for you in cheap rate, and we are so expertise to develop website's on demand, and our another goal is not to cheat with you by taking a huge service charge for none! what we do here is we always demand proper service charge, and this answers our clients a happy smile and we too able to provide our clients a cheaper website.
Why Prijm Web Design provide cheap cost web design?
We always try to build website's in low cost because we realize the importance of having a website for everyone, for every companies though they have a low budget. We never let our customer think about their budget. Our another goal is to enrich the web, as our goal we demand less charge on personal blog sites for students who wanted to develop a Knowledge sharing website, for charity website's, non-profit website's we also try to demand a very less charge. So, the web will be a better place for having useful information's and people can enjoy the world wide web from every corners of this world.
Will Prijm Team Will Able To Provide Best Quality?
Prijm team work for your satisfaction, so our main motto is to provide you the best quality what you deserve! You tell us how to do for your website and we will code your thought! While developing a website for our client we always think what our client want, what to do more advanced by our rich experience, how to make their website more user friendly, faster even smoother and responsive. In this term of web design quality you should know what is responsive website design? Responsive web design means website's that developed with a view to supported by all the devices, so that your user from different devices will not face any trouble For example you have a website that has a wide layout mainly designed for Desktop Computers and Laptops, so what then when you have a visitor came from a Tablet PC or a Smart Phone or even from a mobile device? That time if you have a responsive website this website will automatically resize for different devices so your visitors will easily able to navigate to your website without having any trouble! Prijm website design company always develop responsive website's for its clients! Reference: Responsive Web Design
Prijm not Left you behind!
Prijm website design farm always want to make a good relation with their customers, so we never left you! It means after developing a website we will have a deep care on your website. If you need any more customization then we will be there to help you to customize your website. After developing your website you will submit your website for free in Google, Yahoo, Bing search engine. We will also submit your website in our backlink creator, in Alexa web ranking and also in many web ranking website's! We will also work with your website to create backlink's. Backlink's are a asset for a successful website. Backlink means link building to many website's with your website. Reference: Backlinks
We Provide All The Media Supports
We provide all the media support needed to decorate your website like a PRO website and also to make your website more user friendly. In other hand we always build your website theme from scratch, we will not use any free theme to design your website. At Prijm Web Design we design your website theme by understanding the level of your website, we will design your theme by understanding the users of your website to make your website more accessible.


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